bringing you the future for Scotland .... 9 November 2022

Did you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?

Ten years ago, the question was announced. The question itself was questioned. Was it the right question to put to the people? Was it a loaded question in the respect that it suggested agreement and any other response would be to disagree with accepted thinking on the subject. Two years later we were queueing up at polling stations, casting our vote, determining the changing future of Scotland for the first time in 300 years. Another eight years on and we are living with the decision. Was it the right one?

The thinking people of Scotland asked the correct questions of the Scottish parliament. Would we stay in Europe? Would we be closer to Europe? What was the financial story for the oil industry? What would be the repercussions for education, health, social benefits, pensions? And the big one - taxation?

It was the question of taxation and the use of the funds which ultimately determined the outcome of the vote. The inability to convince the people of a balanced budget and to deny the possibility of rising taxes to pay for independence swung the vote to disagree with the proposition.

Was it the right answer? We shall never know if it was the better answer but it did give us a stronger position in determining our future. And perhaps that was what Lord Salmond was angling for all the time. After he had reconciled himself to the knowledge that independence for Scotland was not going to happen, the possiblility of improving the lot of the Scottish people became his driving ambition. And we have all benefitted. So, perhaps it was the right answer after all.